MERYT Academy

MERYT Academy provides specialized courses about catalysts and refining and petrochemical processes, teached by our experts.
The courses that we teach at MERYT Academy are currently the following, and they are the most complete and demanded within the sector:


    • FCC course: process and catalysts, by Mrs. Nieves Álvarez


    • Hydrotreatment course: process and catalysts, by Dr. Juan Pedro Gómez


    • Catalytic Reforming Course: process and catalysts, by Dr. Juan Pedro Gómez


    • Processing of biofeeds in refineries, by Dr. Juan Pedro Gómez


    • Process integration in refineries: Hydrotreatment, Hydrocracking, FCC, Alkylation and ETBE, by Mrs. Nieves Álvarez

* All courses include a Troubleshooting section and can be adapted to the needs of our clients.



MERYT Community

MERYT Community is born with the mission of creating a space in which all of us who belongs to the #catalyticcommunity can share and improve our knowledge and interests.
We encourage all the colleagues who work with catalysts to share your experiences, concerns and illusions, to increase our wisdom and knowledge of this wonderful science that is catalysis.