MERYT Catalysts & Innovation Quality Policy

The Management of MERYT Catalysts & Innovation, focuses on Quality as a system to provide services that satisfy the needs of the Client.

To achieve an effective implementation, it requires the participation of all company departments and all technical and human resources.

Due to the present and future importance, the Management of MERYT Catalysts & Innovation, declares quality as a priority strategic objective, for the entire organization:

  • Quality and its improvement is the responsibility of all the members of the company, with this aim it is intended to maximize their possibilities through motivation, commitment and awareness of their role in the organization.
  • Quality is a key aspect of competitiveness, standing out from the competition by providing services at competitive prices and short deadlines based on the effectiveness of the resources available to the organization.
  • Quality is obtained by planning, executing and reviewing the system; with a management based on obtaining to ensure that the resources and the tasks that are carried out have the most appropriate results and benefits.
  • Quality is to optimize daily management and offer our Clients the guarantee of a work subject to control, for which it has developed, implemented and maintains a Quality System based on the current edition of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, as a means of systematically improving all processes. System that provides adequate information and data for continuous analysis and consequent decision-making aimed at achieving greater efficiency, with the ultimate aim of implementing continuous improvement activities that result in the greater capacity of the organization.

The Management of MERYT Catalysts & Innovation, endorses the principles set out above, promotes them through effective leadership among all members of the company and develops them in the documents of its Management System that from here are declared mandatory.


Date: 01/15/2021