We supply the following types of catalytic and non-atalytic resins

    • Etherification resin (ETBE, TAME, MTBE)
    • Hydration resin
    • Condensation resin
    • Alkylation resin
    • Esterification resin
    • Cyclization resin
    • Polymerization resin
    • Resin for biodiesel purification
    • Phenol Purification Resin
    • Acetone Purification Resin
    • Resin to eliminate basic nitrogen in naphtha purification
    • Resin for DMF purification
    • Resin for DMAC purification
    • Resin for purification of olefin raw materials
    • Caprolactam Purification Resin
    • Hydrogen peroxide purification resin
    • Copper Vanadium Adsorption Resin
    • Sebacic Acid Discoloration Resin
    • Polysilicon Boron Removal Resin
    • Industrial Saltwater Purification Resin
    • Gold adsorption / separation resin
    • Uranium adsorption / separation resin
    • Boron Adsorption / Separation Resin
    • Water treatment resins

If you need any other resin, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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