“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it”
Barry Commoner (American biologyst, 1917-2012)

MERYT Catalysts & Innovation is dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection, and in this sense, our philosophy is to push the development of technologies and processes that reduce emissions and energy consumption.

We work with suppliers who sincerely believe in the sustainable development of chemical processes. In particular, we have expert knowledge of co-processing of vegetable oils in hydrotreatment units, as well as Biodiesel and BioRefinery plants, which we make available to both clients and suppliers in order to achieve them their respective objectives.

Industrial supply of chemical products

We supply all kinds of chemical products, with the highest quality and respect for the environment.

Main companies represented in the Sustainability Area:

BLUE PLASMA POWER  is a company with its own patented technologies dedicated to the valorization of organic waste, converting them into products with high added value, through the following processes:

VALUE Process, Technology for Waste Valorization or BIO-REFINERY, the organic waste can be transformed into:

a) Electric power (Waste to Power)

b) Thermal energy (Waste to Energy)

c) Solvents or liquid additives for gasoline or diesel (Waste to Fuel), obtaining OME’S (oxymethylene ethers)

GAS Process, Technology for Saving Fuels in the Industry, consists of Photo-Catalytic Hydro-Reactors with Plasma, to which the fuel is introduced in the form of gas and / or liquid, to transform it into a powerful synthesis gas enriched with hydrogen.

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